About us


The Lecrin Valley is a beautiful area south of Granada, in Andulucia, Spain. In the foothills of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains it is a natural area, abundant with water and a climate that is ideal for cultivating almonds. The Moors that occupied Granada introduced Almonds to the region. They referred to the Lecrin Valley as their ‘Garden’, and the name ‘Lecrin’ means ‘Happy’. It is natural haven, where shepherds still herd their goats, and oranges and lemons fall from the trees.

Cascara uses only the highest quality premium almonds, from The Lecrin Valley, Spain. These almonds have been grown here for Centuries, and farmers are still using traditional methods today. Most Almond butters use American almonds, but the Spanish almonds are renowned for their taste and quality. Spanish almonds are also more sustainable due to transport distances, as well as requiring a lot less water due to the way the trees are raised.